Our Great Fishing

Creating a unique and complete fly fishing experience the way it once was is what we do. You will experience peaceful mountain landscapes of lush ancient forests, abundant wildlife, awe-inspiring scenery and full-flowing clear pristine waters teeming with life, inspiring and exciting in their draw. You will experience solitude dry fly fishing. Approximately 99% of our fishing is dry. No lines of boats and guides on every hole. It is just you, your favourite fly rod and wild fish after fish on a dry fly of course. In fact, you may never see another angler your entire trip. Dry fly fishing like it once was.

Our fish see little angling pressure. They are quite willing to take a well-placed fly from the surface. Our fish stocks are amazingly abundant. Our rivers are native species only and pure wild strain including, huge Cutthroats and Cutbows, big Rainbows and rare giant Bull Trout.

Our top SE British Columbia waters, the St. Mary, Bull, Skookumchuck, Wigwam and Elk Rivers have a restricted number of licensed annual rod days. Our own awesome St. Mary has fewer rod days and anglers yearly than you may see in a week on most waters in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho or anywhere else. Add this to the fact our waters have limited and difficult access and we have the formula for fly fishing like it once was.

Our season starts mid April with our lakes. Our streams and rivers are alive from mid June with incredible hatches and a feeding frenzy well into October. Our season is perfect with comfortable temperatures, long sunlight hours, sparse rainfall and a remarkably low daily average wind rate. We are surrounded by massive mountain ranges to 11,000 feet providing a constant flow of water all season long.

Your day includes float fishing, walk and wade or both. It is common to cast attractor flies to holding water from a boat. It is just as common to fish the shore or shallow wade. You will have plenty of fish catching opportunities and most defiantly, plenty of fish.

We are ORVIS Endorsed guides with decades of experience and local knowledge. We are trained to work by an extremely strict set of standards. If you are a novice fisherman we have experienced guides that can assist you through the day and can also provide casting lessons before you begin. We know how to deliver an exceptional and complete fly fishing experience that you will always remember fondly. 

Our guided packages start at just $725.00 CAD per boat per day of guided fly fishing on our top classified waters. 

Orvis Endorsed Flyfishing Service